4 Security measures to protect your printing

Is security and confidentiality important to you?

For increasing numbers of state sector and commercial organisations, secure printing is a non-negotiable when they’re looking for printing in Wellington.

Here are the four security measures to look for if you want to print or copy highly sensitive documents.

1. A production area that can be cordoned off.
2. Confidential disposal of waste.
3. Trusted, experienced staff.
4. A willingness to sign confidentiality agreements.

At Rieger’s Print and Copy, we have all four of these measures in place.

Rieger’s clients include government departments, law firms, the film industry and major construction businesses. We routinely work on confidential documents such as RFPs, court papers, board papers, annual reports, proposals and tenders for jobs worth up to $500 million.

Our reputation for secure printing in Wellington is one of the reasons we’ve stayed in business for 33 years.

Five of our staff members have been with Rieger’s for 17 years or more, which has helped us build trusting relationships with our clients.

And as an added security measure, Rieger’s is next door to Wellington Central Police Station!